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8 Reasons To Try Cupping

You’ve likely heard about cupping. It’s the non-invasive health and pain-management treatment endorsed by several celebrity athletes during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Some of the buzz comes from how people view the temporary circular marks left on the skin following a cupping treatment.  But mostly, people are talking about cupping because of its powerful health and pain management benefits. We at Total Body Chiropractic & Massage are here to tell you: Cupping is incredible and it’s time you try it.

8 Reasons To Try Cupping:

  1. Cupping is non-invasive.

If you’ve shied away from acupuncture because you are weary of needles, then cupping is a perfect treatment for you. The benefits are similar to acupuncture, but many view cupping as more gentle because there are no needles.

  1. Cupping treats a variety of ailments and conditions.

Most of our patients come to us for cupping because of athletic injuries or sore muscles. Cupping is extremely helpful as a pain management tool. But it is also helpful in treating a whole host of skin conditions, digestive issues, aging, and even anxiety and depression.

  1. Cupping is relaxing.

Much like massage or the effects of acupuncture, cupping has a relaxing effect on most patients. Your body will begin to warm and relax the moment the first cup is administered. The rest of the treatment will feel much like a deep tissue massage.

  1. Cupping is a quick and easy treatment.

A typical cupping treatment lasts less than thirty minutes. It’s quick and convenient and many patients feel comfortable scheduling a treatment on their lunch hour.

  1. Cupping is gentle and most patients report mild, if any, side effects.

Cupping is a very gentle treatment and as such, the side effects are very mild. You might experience some bruising (or circular marks) and bit of discomfort. Drinking plenty of water before and after your treatment will help with any side effects you may feel.

  1. Cupping is all-natural.

There are no medicines involved in a cupping treatment. Just you, your practitioner, and the cups. It doesn’t get much more natural than that.

  1. Cupping has been used to effectively treat pain and disease for centuries.

There’s a reason this alternative health treatment has never gone out of style. It works! The history of this effective therapy goes back thousands of years.

  1. Cupping works quickly on the body.

Many patients begin to feel the healing effects of cupping during the treatment and immediately following. The benefits last for days.

Schedule your cupping appointment with Total Body Chiropractic & Massage. We specialize in Cupping and Firecupping therapies. Complement your treatment with a Swedish or deep tissue massage. You’ll leave our office feeling better from what ails you.