Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is very much how it sounds. This massage therapy focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue and fascia, breaking up adhesions in the fascia, resulting in less pain and tightness. If you have chronic muscle tension in typical problem spots such as the neck and shoulders, Deep Tissue Massage could have powerful healing benefits.

A Deep Tissue Massage is very similar to a Swedish Massage, except your therapist will use a deeper pressure with their elbows, forearms and knuckles to access and help release chronic muscle tension. While a Deep Tissue Massage can feel a little uncomfortable as your therapist works through deep levels of tissue, it is not intended to be a painful experience. In fact, many patients fall into a very relaxed state during a Deep Tissue Massage. Pressure levels can always be adjusted to your comfort level during your treatment.

The benefits of Deep Tissue Massage depend on your personal goals and overall health. Many of our patients report minimized lower back pain, released tension in a stiff neck, and loosened shoulders and upper back. Our team of certified massage therapists will help you choose the best massage therapy for your specific needs. Sometimes this is a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massages.

Total Body Chiropractic & Massage in Bend, Oregon specializes in Deep Tissue Massage. If you are dealing with chronic pain and tightness, targeted Deep Tissue Massage coupled with chiropractic care and proper nutrition might be the best therapy option for you. Let us help you release the pain and start living your best life.