Gua-sha, also known as “skin coining”, is a form of ancient Chinese medicine. Utilizing a round, smooth-edged instrument, your practitioner will stroke and scrape effected muscles and areas. This powerful technique breaks up stagnant blood trapped in the tissue and brings to the surface a skin rash called petechiae, which looks a bit like road rash.

While the look of the petechiae rash may be discomforting, it is this rash that is most indicative of the healing taking place. The petechiae represent blood cells that have been pressed out of the capillaries during the stroking process. Once released, the body begins restabalizing and reabsorbing the blood cells. This reabsorption process and heightened circulation in the local area results in tremendous anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating and pain-relieving benefits, and quickly, balance is restored.

Many patients choose Gua-sha for its ability to immediately relieve a wide range of pain issues and inflammatory conditions. From long-held muscle tension to the common cold and flu, Gua-sha’s ability to both prevent and heal is unlike any other modality. It can be particularly valuable to athletes where muscle tenderness and strain is affecting their ability to train.

Are you looking to try something new and feel better fast? Gua-sha might be for you. Total Body Chiropractic & Massage specializes in a wide range of treatments for athletes, including Gua-sha. Let’s discuss how this powerful treatment can help you heal and get back to the sport, and life, you love.