bend massage, massage therapy in bendCupping Therapy

Cupping. No, it’s not just a seven-letter word to raise eyebrows in Scrabble! Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese healing practice that can ease muscle pain and improve your overall health. The highly effective treatment has been used for thousands of years but only recently gained popularity thanks to Michael Phelps’ Olympic performance in Rio De Janeiro.

The cupping technique uses specialized cups that are placed on the skin. Then, using heat or air, the cups are suctioned onto the patient’s skin and skin is gently lifted away from muscle. The suction cups can either be left stationary or moved along the body. By drawing blood to the affected area, cupping can reduce soreness and speed up recovery of overworked muscles.

Many athletes find sore muscle relief from cupping. Other patients with underlying health issues and/or disease can also find positive benefits to cupping and firecupping therapy. Cupping massage is a great complement to a Swedish or deep tissue massage.

Are you curious about cupping and the health benefits of this ancient modality? Total Body Chiropractic and Massage specializes in cupping and firecupping treatments in our lighthearted and approachable office in Bend, Oregon.