What are the Benefits of Cupping Massage Therapy?

Have you ever seen someone with perfectly round marks on their skin? Chances are, they recently received cupping therapy. This treatment method has grown more popular as athletes and everyday workers have realized the transformational benefits it has. If you already incorporate holistic services, like chiropractic care and acupuncture in Bend, into your routine, you may benefit from adding cupping to your next appointment.

Continue reading to learn more about this therapy and its health benefits.

What is Cupping?

Cupping is an ancient traditional chinese medicine practice that involves placing glass cups, plastic cups, metal cups, or silicone cups on the skin. Using heat or air, your massage therapist in Bend will create a suction between your skin and the special cups. This pulls blood to the surface of your skin and allows for several body-wide benefits, most notably pain relief. Although, patients also report experiencing everything from respiratory to gastrointestinal relief.

Cupping therapy is an alternative medicine that works similarly to acupuncture in Bend, as both treatment methods focus on energy pathways known as meridians throughout your body. When energy flows positively, it is thought to boost your health in many ways.

Benefits of Cupping

1. Pain Relief

A cupping session is an excellent treatment method for pain. Your massage therapist in Bend will target problem areas like your back, neck, or shoulders to ease tension, decrease stiffness, and release deep knots and adhesions. If you have arthritis, you may benefit specifically from cupping on the affected joints.

2. Relaxation

By releasing muscle tension, cupping can promote physical relaxation and stress relief. Your massage therapist in Bend may move the cups along your body to give the same effect of a deep tissue massage. Not to mention, the simple act of taking time to care for yourself can provide mental relaxation in addition to muscle relaxation.

3. Faster Healing

Your body sees cupping therapy as an “injury,” which causes it to send more blood and healing elements to the treatment area. This increased blood flow encourages faster healing and recovery of your true underlying injuries.

4. Healthier Skin

Because cupping brings blood and other nutrients to the skin’s surface, you can expect to see a visible color change and glow to your appearance after a few sessions. Plus, it clears the pores of toxins, which may be good news for acne and other skin conditions.

5. Detoxifying

When your blood circulation is poor, toxins begin to build up in the body. Cupping therapy increases blood flow to help remove toxins and other waste from deep muscles. We recommend drinking lots of water after your session to flush these newly released toxins out of your system.

Cupping therapy may cause some slight discomfort, bruising, or scarring. However, it should subside within several days. There is a small risk of infection at the treatment site, so be sure to follow all instructions for cleaning and caring for your spots after therapy.

We strive to offer the best chiropractic care in Bend with a variety of services that work together to make you feel your best inside and out. We can easily incorporate cupping as an effective treatment to add into your massage therapy in Bend.