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The Health Benefits Of Regular Massage

Often, people think of massage as a luxurious spa treatment best enjoyed as a birthday gift or anniversary surprise. We’re here to tell you something different. The health benefits of a regular massage routine reach far beyond the realm of luxury. And when combined with chiropractic care, regular massage treatments can achieve tremendous relief from pain and injury.

Alleviate stress and anxiety.

It comes as no surprise that massage is incredibly relaxing. That positive effect can be more long-lasting than you think. The wonderful feeling you have when you leave the massage table? The stress- and anxiety-reducing benefits only get better the more regular your treatments become. When your life and work schedule seems packed and overwhelming, that standing monthly or weekly appointment with your massage therapist will force you to take a much-needed time out and enjoy a relaxing activity.

Prevent sports injuries.

At Total Body Chiropractic and Massage, we offer Sports Massage. This deep tissue massage helps prevent injuries before they happen. It also aids in recovery from workouts. By targeting muscle-tendon junctions, regular sports massage can help you increase your range of motion and get better flexibility. Our athletes love coming to Total Body Chiropractic & Massage for regular sports massage. It’s an important step to avoiding injury and sports-related pain.

Make pregnancy more comfortable.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time of life. You don’t have to suffer through it. A regular pregnancy massage routine provides postural support and helps loosen those trouble spots — the hips and low back, the neck and shoulders. It also aids in alleviating fatigue and edema and increases levels of oxytocin, the touch hormone and a pregnant woman’s best friend. Years of research conducted by midwives is showing that regular pregnancy massage during the third trimester especially leads to less pain during pregnancy and less intervention during childbirth.

Need help starting a regular massage therapy routine? We offer a variety of massage treatments and will tailor your massage plan after a careful evaluation of needs, trigger points, and imbalances. At Total Body Chiropractic & Massage, we want your total body to feel its absolute best. Regular massage therapy is a great start to achieving optimal health.