The Benefits of Walking

Staying fit doesn’t mean you have to become a runner or purchase a gym membership to get and stay healthy. Walking is an easy and beneficial way to improve your overall health, trim your waistline and feel an overall sense of well-being. Walking for 30 minutes a day has proven to prevent and manage various health conditions and diseases. High blood pressure is one condition that is greatly reduced with consistent low-impact exercise like walking. Considered to be on of the most underrated forms of exercise, walking is a wonderful way to improve your mood, reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions and keep your body looking great. Walking can also help with arthritis pain by reducing inflammation and stiffness in your joints. Here are a few other health benefits walking provides;

  • If done every day, walking boosts the immune system by strengthening the cells that attack bad bacteria in your body, meaning fewer sick days
  • Good for your brain and helps with the ability to think clearly and protect memory
  • Helps reduce mental stress and improve mental health
  • Reduces body fat
  • Increases heart rate and blood flow, strengthening the organ
  • Increases the functioning of the lungs
  • Helps you look younger by tightening up sagging skin and firming muscles
  • Reduces your risk of cancer

The warmer months are a perfect time to start your routine of walking 30 minutes a day and by the time the colder months roll around, you’ll be used to your daily jaunts you won’t want to give them up simply because it’s a bit colder out. Whether you walk at a moderate pace or prefer brisk walking, it can all benefit you. Scientists have studied the benefits of walking and discovered the people who take at least a 30-minute walk a day have an easier time accessing their creative juices and often get creative sparks while on walks. This physical activity can also help with back pain and stiff joints and joint pain. Here are some tips to start a successful walking program that fit your lifestyle.

  • Pick a time of day that works for your schedule that you can stick to every day
  • Exercising in the morning can get your creativity a kick-start
  • Walk with a partner, friend or co-worker, it’s a terrific way to enjoy conversation while exercising
  • Make sure you have comfortable, supportive shoes that don’t give you blisters
  • Don’t push it, start out at a steady pace and only increase intensity as you gain strength and endurance
  • Regular walking every day is most beneficial but if you can’t complete a daily walk, make sure it’s at least five days a week
  • If your walking form is correct, it can improve balance and coordination as well strengthen bones

The benefits of walking are endless and once you’ve integrated the habit into your busy life, you will wonder why you didn’t start the routine years ago. Grab a friend, family member or pet and hit the street, you’ll be glad you did!