Standing Up with a Stand-Up Desk

Stand-up desks are offering a range of benefits to computer users. The desk forces you stand up to use the computer keyboard and to see the monitor. In the standing position, you are relieving the aches and pains in back muscles that can be caused by being in a slouched position or when your back is being held in an unnatural manner while typing.

A stand-up desk can also improve your posture when placed at the right height. With the computer monitor set at slightly above eye level, it forces you to keep your head up so you don’t slouch your back or shoulders. You end up improving your core strength for better posture. In addition, at this height, you can also help prevent eye strain.

Besides improving posture and your vision, you may also find other benefits. While standing, you are more likely to walk about on occasion. This walking will prevent you from having a sedentary lifestyle that could be a factor in causing you to gain more weight. You end up burning more calories throughout the day while keeping muscles and joints strong.

Take Your Time with Stand-Up Desks

It usually isn’t a good idea just to jump into the stand-up desk trend where you are standing for eight hours right off the bat. You will want to ease into it so your body gets used to standing for longer and longer moments throughout the day while typing at the keyboard. Start at standing for 20 minutes. Then add more time when you feel comfortable. Eventually, it will then become a welcome routine as you won’t end up straining your body too quickly.

Stand-up desks can offer you a range of benefits to get your body up from the office desk or couch and moving about more. Check out the types of stand-up desks that are available and decide on a setup that fits into your needs. Some stand-up desks simply have a shelf for the monitor and a place for the keyboard. Others have multiple shelves to hold other items such as printers, a wireless mouse, scanners, work binders and other items. You may even decide to incorporate treadmills and stationary bikes into your routine for additional exercise opportunities.