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How to Choose the Right Running Shoe and Avoid Discomfort and Pain

Do you know how many miles you walk in a lifetime? The average person will walk 110,000 miles by the time they turn 80. That equates to nearly five trips around the earth! A runner will put in even more miles. That’s a lot of stress on your feet. If something is off balance with your foundation, we often see dramatic shifts elsewhere in the body. The back, neck, and glutes can all feel the painful effects of wearing the wrong shoe. If you want to stay healthy and injury-free, invest in a good pair of running shoes. How to choose the right running shoe for you:

Buy running shoes from your local running store.

Find a local specialty running store with knowledgeable staff. Buying the right running shoe is like building the right foundation for your house. You need the best materials and design to ensure that your house won’t crumble. You won’t make the best decision for your body alone behind a computer screen, or at a department store where there is no one to help you. In Bend, Oregon where Total Body Chiropractic and Massage practices, we choose FootZone for all of our running shoe needs. They are experts at fitting feet to the right shoe. And they really care about their customers. It’s not about the sale, it’s about finding you your best shoe.

Always get fitted.

You might think you know your shoe size. Maybe you’ve been wearing the same size for decades. But running shoes are more complicated than you think. It’s not just about what feels good. Get measured every time you buy a new pair of shoes. It’s also a good idea to get fitted later in the day when your feet are larger. Don’t forget to bring a pair of your own socks, as well as any inserts, like orthodics, that you use.

Be specific about your habits.

There are so many running shoe brands, models, and size variances. Choosing the right running shoe can feel overwhelming. When you get fitted, it is important that you are specific and clear about your habits. Do you walk? Are you runner? Do you run mostly on dirt trail,  asphalt, or an indoor track? Will your running shoes be used for other activities like hiking or mountain biking? Do you have any injuries like blisters, joint pain, shin splints, or tendonitis? When you choose your trusted local running store, they will narrow down the selections based on your daily habits.

Don’t buy your favorite shoe online.

You know that feeling when you find the perfect running shoe? Your feet are happy, your body is happy, and running has never felt so good. Resist the urge to order the same shoe online the next season. Manufacturers often make small changes to a shoe without renaming the model. Even a slight shift in the design can cause big problems down the road. Go to your trusted local running store and get refitted instead.

Forget about trendy or fashionable.

Just because you like the color or a shoe “looks fast” doesn’t mean it’s the right shoe for you. Don’t ever shop by price or style. Try on as many models and styles as you can. When a running shoe fits properly, you’ll love it no matter the trends.

Finally, when you find your perfect shoe, remember that they will need to be replaced every 300 to 500 miles. Make a note on your calendar so you don’t forget.

Is your body feeling out of balance from a running injury, or foot pain or discomfort? Total Body Chiropractic and Massage uses a unique combination of healing modalities for total body health. Our practitioners understand the importance of pain-free movement and active lifestyles. Learn about our services and come in for a free consultation and a Graston soft-tissue release treatment.