Personal Injury After an Accident

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

No one wants to go through a personal injury claim, whether it’s from a motor vehicle accident, workplace incident, or malpractice suit. Typically, these accidents occur due to someone else’s negligence. Still, the burden becomes yours to bear with the physical damage, as well as the emotional stress of dealing with insurance claims, sick days and more.

Chiropractic Care for Personal Injury Accidents

At Total Body Chiropractic & Massage, we specialize in treating the aftermath of personal injuries and help to make your claim process easier with thorough documentation and communication. Here’s why you should make the chiropractor your first stop after a personal injury accident in Bend, Oregon:

For detailed documentation for full compensation

Although most personal injury claims will cover the price of chiropractic care, your insurance company may have other ideas. Working with a licensed and professional chiropractor on your treatment plan provides the necessary documentation to prove your bills are “reasonable and medically necessary” for compensation.

Your chiropractor will get a detailed description of the incident and start with a full-body assessment to outline the extent and severity of your injuries. Not only will your chiropractor record the symptoms present during the first visit, but they will also keep a running list of new discomforts that are relevant to your accident. This form of thorough and continuous documentation ensures proper compensation for your visits.

For proper insurance billing

Working out billing with your insurance can cause even more pain than your accident, so we try to make it as easy as possible to receive the care you need. We bill your insurance company directly and log the details of every visit, charge and treatment related to your personal injury claim.

Be sure to come into your chiropractor within the first 48 hours after the incident, or you risk losing coverage through your insurance.

To Realign Your Body

The impact of a crash, fall, or other accident can literally throw your body out of alignment, causing whiplash, herniated discs, or pinched nerves. Even the jolt of your body against the seatbelt can cause shifts to your vertebrae.

Not only is your chiropractor trained to address these conditions, but they also provide a full assessment of accident-related injuries you may not notice. They will create a unique treatment plan to restore proper alignment and help you feel like yourself again.

For Pain Relief

Depending on your situation, you may experience pain after your accident, and in some cases, that pain may worsen even after treatment. The swelling, sprains and strains from the incident can make it painful to complete everyday tasks. Even if you feel “fine” after your accident, pain can develop from unaddressed injuries. Your chiropractor’s evaluation will identify areas of concern that may cause issues down the line and resolve them swiftly.

Chiropractic care combines adjustments and massage to relieve your pain, lower inflammation and relax tight muscles to boost your comfort after each session and help you regain a sense of normalcy.

Personal Injury Care in Bend, Oregon

If you’ve found yourself in a personal injury situation, make the chiropractor your first stop for comfort and care. Not only can swift treatment relieve some of the pain associated with your accident, but it can also help you receive the proper compensation for your treatment.

Don’t let the stress of insurance and personal injury claims stop you from taking care of your body. Let the Total Body Chiropractic & Massage team help with the entire process from healing to billing.