How Chiropractic and Massage Work Hand in Hand to Maximize Healing

Are you one of the many people who choose either chiropractic care or massage therapy for pain relief and comfort? Why not both? You see, chiropractic care and massage therapy work hand in hand as back and joint pain treatment in Bend. Not to mention, when used together you may experience stronger results than you would from simply using one method.

Continue reading to learn how pairing chiropractic care and massage therapy in Bend can maximize your healing.

First, let’s look at how these treatment methods work together to provide care to the whole body.

Chiropractic care generally focuses on hard tissues, like your vertebrae and joints. On the other hand, massage targets your soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments and tendons. And all of these structures work together to allow proper function and movement. So, when you only focus on one tissue type, the other is still hindering your ability to perform at your highest level.

When you opt for chiropractic and massage as part of your holistic care routine, these treatment options give the best results, including:

1. Quicker recovery

During your adjustment, your chiropractor may address your injuries by restoring your natural alignment. Then, massage therapy will increase healing blood flow to these newly adjusted areas, meaning faster and more complete recovery.

2. Easier adjustments

Has your chiropractor ever mentioned that you are particularly tight or “not moving well” during your visit? Getting a massage before your adjustment allows your joints and vertebrae to move more freely, so your chiropractor in Bend can work on a more intense level.

Not to mention, relaxed muscles are less likely to pull your joints out of alignment, meaning your adjustments last longer.

3. Increased range of motion

Chiropractic care itself helps restore your ability to twist, bend and lift like you should. However, massage therapy takes this a step further with stretching techniques that increasing your flexibility, even in injured and impacted areas.

4. Enhanced comfort

You are likely to experience pain after your adjustment, and in some cases after your massage. Often times, this feeling is because the unaddressed tissues are still causing discomfort. By working on the inflammation and tension present in your hard and soft tissues, you’re more likely to experience all-encompassing comfort longer.

5. Improved circulation

Massage therapy helps release the buildup of toxins and lactic acid in the muscles, while promoting better circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body. This not only helps relieve soreness, but it also increases healing. Likewise, by releasing pressure off compressed nerves, chiropractic care allows the nervous system and its counterparts to encourage proper circulation to injured areas.

At Total Body Chiropractic & Massage in Bend, we offer a holistic treatment plan, including adjustments, massage therapy, nutrition and exercise, that complement each other and help you feel your best. So, whether you’re looking for a chiropractor for neck pain or a massage therapist in Bend for soreness, Total Body has you covered for both.