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Graston Technique, Explained

Soft tissue injuries can be very difficult to live with. Whether you are an athlete or not, the pain and discomfort associated with soft tissue injuries and conditions can keep you from doing the things you love. We at Total Body Chiropractic & Massage want to see you moving again and living your best life. Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Dr. Bari Liebowitz specializes in the Graston Technique and it could be the perfect option for your optimal recovery.

So, what is the Graston Technique?

The Graston Technique is an innovative, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. It allows clinicians to detect and effectively break down scar tissue, adhesions, restrictions, muscle spasms, and anything that might be restricting your range of motion and keeping you from the activities you love.

Your clinician will glide a series of stainless steel instruments and scrape the skin using a specialized massage technique. These instruments are nothing to be fearful of. They are rounded and not at all sharp. The technique will both identify problem areas and provide needed treatment to injured tissue. Through a cross-friction massage, your clinician will find the “gritty” areas of tissue and work to gently break them up with the stainless steel tool. This soft tissue therapy process often instigates inflammation, increased blood flow, and then in effect, healing.

Graston therapy is clinically proven to achieve faster and better outcomes for acute and chronic conditions such as Achilles Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Adhesive Capsulitis, IT Band Syndrome, Lumbar Strain and Plantar Fasciitis. When combined with a chiropractic adjustment, the effects are powerful. While it can take 6-8 sessions to completely break up the tissue, many of our patients start feeling better after their first appointment and most soft tissue injuries will improve dramatically after just 2 or 3 sessions with faster rehabilitation during the healing process through this form of instrument.

Are you experiencing lateral knee pain or discomfort while you’re running? Are you unable to sleep on your side due to a soft tissue injury? Are you experiencing chronic pain or chronic inflammation in other affected areas such as lower back pain, quadricep pain, or tennis elbow? Have you tried other things and still struggle to recover properly? Dr. Liebowitz believes so strongly in the power of the Graston Technique that we want everyone to try it! It’s time to fight against soft tissue restrictions, chronic injuries, and more to get ready for a pain-free life. Learn about our services and come in for a free consultation and a Graston soft-tissue release treatment.