Gifting a Massage: Best Gift to Give Anyone on Your List!

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone and figuring out what gifts to give loved ones can add to the already busy time of year. Choosing thoughtful gifts takes time and it’s extra stressful when you are out shopping because you aren’t the only one trying to find the perfect gifts. Gifting a massage could be the solution for everyone on your list this year. Whether your loved one is stressed or just needs a reminder that they deserve some good self-care, massage therapy is a gift everyone will appreciate and it’s an appropriate gift for just about any relationship, whether it’s a boss, a co-worker, a family member, a client, a teacher or friend.

Gifting a massage is a great way to remind someone that they are valued and appreciated. It is a gesture showing you care about that person and it says you want thebest for them, “You deserve a break…You deserve a little pampering…etc”. Most of us don’t take the time to pamper ourselves or give ourselves an indulgentgift, so by gifting a massage, you are giving your loved one permission to takea little break from the usual chaos of life.

There are some major health benefits gained from receiving a massage, and some of those benefits can last for days and even weeks after the actual treatment. One of those benefits are the obvious muscle relaxation and pause your body experiences during the massage. That calm, relaxed state of mind can help jump-start a new perspective and give you a chance to reset your intentions. Massage can also help to loosen up tight muscles and help ease the tension that causes headaches and migraines.

Check out the following list of people in your life that you might consider getting a massage for this holiday season;






Whether you are gifting a massage to a friend or scheduling one for yourself, it’s a perfect time of year to indulge and do it right. Feel free to give us a call at 541.527.7309, or stop by to learn more about the massage options we offer. Happy Holidays!