Get Outside and Get Moving!

Switching up your exercise routine can bring many benefits, especially when the change allows you to incorporate some fun into the sweat session. The change of scenery can be just what you need after working out in the same old gym or doing the same exercises over and over. The fresh air is one of the many benefits, along with higher vitamin D doses from the UV rays.

Change it Up

There are all kinds of outdoor activities that are fun and provide a good workout and trying these activities might be a good way to discover a new hobby you find interesting. Some examples of outdoor activities include paddle boarding, yoga in the park, ultimate frisbee, and hiking. Whether you are exercising to lose weight, heal from an injury or training for a sporting event, the workout doesn’t have to be miserable. You are going to want to repeat the exercise if you can implement some fun into the task and getting outdoors gives you the opportunity to get off the same old boring treadmill or standard gym routine. Outdoor activities can help your body relax faster, gives you a chance to stretch out and not worry about bumping into the person next to you, and allows you to work around any injuries you are dealing with. Back and neck injuries don’t have to keep you from exercising and sometimes just a good walk can help treat minor aches and pains.

No More Excuses

To live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a consistent workout routine, the excuses must stop before they even start. Getting yourself mentally straight will help ensure your commitment to the exercise. Justifying the junk food after a good workout only defeats the purpose of exercising in the first place, so let that go and realize that diet is responsible for 80-90% of your success. If you can’t find time during your busy day to exercise, consider changing your schedule up to allow some free time, even exercising for a half an hour can make a difference.

Exceptional Results

Outdoor exercise, otherwise known as “green exercise,” combines two health-enhancing activities; moving your body and getting outdoors. It enhances your mood, saves you money and eliminates the trouble of going to the gym and waiting for machines. A regular dose of outdoor activity can help boost your self-esteem and lower depression. Don’t let the idea of outdoor activity scare you, instead start with small activities and slowly try new things as you gain confidence. You will be happy you did and might just discover a new love of the outdoors!