Feel Your Best This Fall with Chiropractic Care & Massage

Although the summer and many warm-weather activities may be over, the hustle and bustle of everyday life lasts year-round. With increased yard work, holiday stressors and a regular exercise routine, continuing chiropractic care during the fall and winter is necessary to keep you healthy and on the move.

Benefits of chiropractic and massage care year-round

You may not be out hiking or playing sports as much in the fall and winter, but factors like posture, exercise routine and text neck aren’t just limited to the summer months. The benefits of chiropractic care may keep you balanced and more comfortable all year long:

1. Reduced joint pain from weather

As the temperature drops, many people feel the difference in their hips, knees, arms, shoulders and back. The lower air pressure can irritate joints that may already be stiff and inflamed. Similarly, the rainy season can cause swollen and tender joints. Massage therapy reduces inflammation and increases the range of motion in aching areas.

2. Less risk for injury doing yard work

While beautiful and scenic, the falling leaves mean more yard work for you. Twisting, bending, reaching and lifting while finishing DIY projects around the house can quickly lead to strains, sprain and injury this autumn. Regular chiropractic care and massage therapy increases your flexibility and keeps you in alignment. With proper balance, you’ll be able to get more done without pulling anything during your fall clean-up.

Further decrease your chance for injury by warming up and trying these dynamic stretches before carrying out any strenuous activity.

3. Lower holiday stress and tension

Everyday stressors like work, visitors and traffic don’t take a vacation after August. Chronic stress can lead to tense muscles in the back, neck and shoulders, limiting your mobility over time.

Swedish massage relaxes both your body and mind to relieve stiffness and decreases stress hormones levels in the blood. Take on holiday visitors and festivities more easily.

4. Boost your immune system during cold & flu season

Cold weather signals the start of cold and flu season, and misalignments in the spine affect your body’s ability to fight off infection and sickness. By realigning the vertebrae through chiropractic adjustments, your nervous system can function at its best. Massage techniques also remove toxins in the muscles and increase blood circulation, boosting your body’s ability to heal itself and remain healthy.

Other ways to care for yourself this season

Chiropractic care can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle all year, especially with regular exercise and proper hydration. Try to remain active during the colder months and stay hydrated. Drinking enough water (about eight glasses a day) flushes out toxins and lubricates your joints.

Chiropractic care and massage therapy offer more than just a solution for existing health conditions and injuries. They also provide preventative care and encourage a healthier and more active lifestyle. Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean pain and stiffness end. Keep your joints in top form with regular maintenance.