Consider Chiropractic Care for Your Headaches & Migraines

If you are someone that suffers from headaches and migraines, you know that it can feel like a never-ending cycle of pain and frustration. The debilitating pain can keep you from doing your best at work and from participating in life. Finding a successful treatment for migraines and headaches can be tough, but we’ve got solutions that have given positive results for many of our patients. If you’re suffering from ongoing headaches or migraines with no relief in sight, it’s time to try chiropractic care. We offer non-invasive, total body-based treatments that help identify the root cause of the headache or migraine.


There are several ways to treat migraines and/or headaches and medication is often the first option for most people. Medication can be an effective band-aid to pain, however, a reliance on drugs alone can quickly become a crutch instead of a long-term solution.  Instead, consider a total body approach to chiropractic treatment. It discovers and treats the underlying issues at work in your complex system, which in turn, allows us to treat the root cause of your pain instead of simply covering up the symptom of pain.


A total body approach recognizes that headaches and migraines can be triggered from anything and anywhere in your body. For example, pressure and emotional stress can play a huge role in how your body functions, often creating tight muscles which lead to back and neck issues, along with headaches and migraines. The first step is to discuss your pain, discomforts and overall body functions with your chiropractic physician. They will walk you through the discoveries they make during your initial visit and wrap your historical information into consideration for a treatment plan. After you get through the thorough exam process, your chiropractor will come up with a treatment plan based on your unique situation and needs. Your migraines might be due to posture, poor alignment, referred pain from an injury, stress, lack of sleep or even dietary deficiencies.


One of the possible treatments you might want to consider is massage. Massage helps by easing muscle spasms and tension, a common source of tension headaches and migraines, along with stress and injuries. Our massage therapists at Total Body Chiropractic & Massage are very experienced with headache sufferers and see great results in their clients with regular massage therapy. Your therapist will make assessments during your initial exam along with your input and come up with the best approach for your massage treatments.


Chiropractic care is another therapeutic option for treating migraines and headaches. Your chiropractor, like your massage therapist, will listen to your experience, history and complaints and develop a treatment plan using stretching, manipulation of the spine and exercises to address the tension and discomfort you experience with headaches and migraines. “Adjustments” are done with your spine to better align your body and relieve symptoms that contribute to the headaches and migraines. They will often use heat and/or ice during or after treatments and sometimes they might send you home with at-home exercises for you to do in between appointments. The condition of your joints may be a contributing factor to your headaches and with proper chiropractic care, your chances of finding relief are great!

If you are having to push through your days or nights with unbearable headaches or migraine pain, please know that drugs are not the only answer. A comprehensive, total body chiropractic approach can help you start to feel better and possibly eliminate the use of medication altogether. At Total Body Chiropractic & Massage, we can help you get back to living the life you want, ideally without those long days and nights fighting headache pain!