Chiropractic For Hiking And Biking

How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Hiking And Biking

This summer will take on a different form for many of us. Out-of-state family vacations will be replaced by bike rides to the lake and hiking trips to one of Bend, Oregon’s many parks. Regardless, your newfound “social distancing” summer can put your body in a position it’s never been before and leave you feeling sore for days after. Fortunately, making weekly or monthly visits to the chiropractor can help you feel your best while going on your hiking and biking adventures this summer.

Why Hiking and Biking May Make You Uncomfortable

Experience level aside, participating in outdoor activities can cause discomfort for three main reasons:

1. Misalignments in the spine

Spinal misalignments or subluxations are extremely common. They occur from the wear and tear of everyday life, poor posture, injuries and more, so it’s likely that you may be out of alignment before starting your journey. But in some cases, you can experience misalignments during your hike due to your changing posture as you grow more tired.

When your spine is out of alignment, it puts pressure on your nerves, spurring inflammation and pain. Additionally, your muscles may not fully relax, leaving you with areas of tightness, commonly known as knots.

2. Your body is not used to it

If you’re new to biking or hiking, then your body is just not used to the work. Naturally, you will feel sore and tired after your workout because you’ve engaged different muscles than usual. However, you can also worsen this situation by skipping your warm-up or pushing yourself too hard.

You should build up to longer hikes and rides rather than trying to conquer it all at once – you’ve got the whole summer ahead of you.

3. You hurt yourself

Outside of the normal soreness, you may experience more intense pain from actual injuries. Whether you twisted your ankle or pulled your hamstring, these injuries should be swiftly addressed, especially if you want to hit the trails again.

How Chiropractic Care Improves Your Activity

Readies your body

Prepare for the trails with a trip to your local Bend chiropractor. We’ll make sure you’re properly aligned and limber before you begin your venture.

Increases range of motion

Conquering the rugged terrain of certain hiking trails requires flexibility. When your muscles are tense, you may not have the best range of motion, heightening your risk for pulled muscles and other injuries. Chiropractic care can help loosen joints and muscles, giving you the freedom to reach, stretch and twist.

Alleviates soreness

Certain chiropractic techniques can soothe sore muscles by encouraging relaxation and increasing blood circulation to accelerate healing between workouts.

Realigns your body

In the event that you overextend yourself, an adjustment can help get you back into equilibrium. The pressure put on your hips and spine as you hike and bike throws your body off little by little, so chiropractic visits address these issues before they grow into major injuries.

Don’t spend your summer nursing aching joints and bones ­­­­– make the most of each day starting with Total Body Chiropractic & Massage. Our expert team of chiropractors will not only keep your body feeling good, but they’ll also give you daily stretches and proper riding techniques to help you avoid mishaps before they occur.