5 Ways To Help Soothe A Headache

Headaches are not fun. When the pain presents itself as a migraine, your day-to-day activities can become even more of a problem. If you’re suffering from headaches and/or migraines, we want you to know that there are ways to help ease the pain. Chiropractic care is incredibly effective for headaches and migraines and often eliminates this debilitating condition.

Here are five ways you can help soothe a headache or migraine.

1. Meditation or relaxation exercises

One of the keys to helping your headache condition is to minimize the stress in your life. When you are stressed emotionally, your body responds with muscle tension and tightness. This process happens without you even realizing it because you are so wrapped up in your own stress. When certain sets of muscles tighten and tense, especially around the head and neck, headaches can become more prevalent. So, think about your life and work stress levels and eliminate what you can. Also, try to work in some relaxation techniques into your day. Whether it’s yoga, meditation warming baths, cardio exercise or outdoor activities, find something that calms your mind and your spirit and do it regularly. Massage is great too.

2. Heat or cold

Before, during or after a headache or migraine, heat or cold might feel good on the neck and shoulders, or even the forehead. Discover which temperature feels best and make it a part of your routine when the pain begins to surface. Wrap an ice pack or heating pad around the neck and rest in a relaxing position.

3. Stretching

Often, headaches and migraines can start from muscle tension. Working a daily stretch session into your routine is a great idea. Either first thing in the morning or before you go to bed, take a few minutes to stretch the muscles in your neck and shoulders, lower back and legs. These movements will help relieve muscle tension and also encourage you to relax. Both benefits will be helpful to soothe your headaches before they happen.

4. Massage

We often recommend regular massage to our patients suffering from chronic headaches and migraines. The relaxing benefits of regular massage are incredibly helpful, but more importantly, loosening those areas of tension and trigger points can have dramatic effects on your headache issues.

5. Chiropractic care

Chiropractic adjustments and our total body approach are incredibly effective in relieving patients from headache and migraine pain. Your Bend chiropractor will first work to discover the root cause of your pain.  Then, through spinal manipulation, massage and other chiropractic interventions, she will work to achieve optimal spinal and joint function.

If you are suffering from chronic headaches or migraines, we want you to know that help is here. Total Body Chiropractic & Massage helps patients with varying levels of headache pain. We see incredible results and we’d love to help you rid your head of pain and get back to living life to the fullest, pain-free.