Bend chiropractor Bari Liebowitz using the graston technique on the neck of a patient for neck pain.

How Often Should I Go to the Chiropractor?

If you’ve been considering starting or resuming chiropractic care, you may be wondering, “how often should I go to the chiropractor?” Is one adjustment enough to reap all the benefits of this holistic therapy? Do you have to go to the chiropractor monthly, weekly, or even more frequently to get results? Your treatment plan varies greatly depending on how you feel, your condition, and your wellness goals.

Continue reading to determine how often you should go to the chiropractor:

Why Should You Go to the Chiropractor?

Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive treatment option to soothe, correct, and heal the spine, nerves, and joints. Our chiropractors in Bend use hands-on manipulation to restore balance and proper functioning of your body systems. The chiropractor will also provide stretches and exercises for longer-lasting results.

This form of therapy can provide several full-body benefits:

  • Relieve neck, back, and joint pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost the immune system
  • Ease inflammation
  • Encourage faster and more complete healing of injuries
  • Promote overall wellbeing
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Prevent injuries

Common Chiropractic Schedules

Chiropractic care is a highly individualized practice. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to this treatment method. However, most individuals will need between 4 to 12 initial sessions to thoroughly correct misalignments and reap maximum benefits. You can experience immediate results with a single session, but these effects are generally temporary, and symptoms may return within weeks or even days.

After your initial session, you should schedule a follow-up to determine how your body responded to your first adjustment. From there, the chiropractors in Bend will formulate the best treatment schedule for you in one of these categories.


You will likely need to visit the chiropractor several times a week (or even daily in certain instances) if you have disc issues, severe injuries, or chronic joint pain. Even mild problems, like sprains, strains, and muscle spasms, can require weekly visits to the office.

It is also not uncommon to visit multiple times a week when you’re first starting treatment, regardless of your current state, as your body needs to be trained to break its bad habits.


As you begin to move and feel better, you can scale back to every two weeks. You should consider keeping this schedule if you sit for long periods each day, regularly lift heavy loads, or bend frequently. These actions can put a strain on your back and lead to misalignments in the spine.

Monthly (Maintenance Stage)

Your chiropractor will recommend a monthly or quarterly maintenance schedule once you begin to hold onto your adjustments for longer. It is important to stick to this schedule even without symptoms or pain to prevent the discomfort from returning.

It is a common myth that once you start chiropractic care, you’ll need to go forever. In fact, many people find they only need to go quarterly or every six months for a tune-up, especially if they are incorporating additional wellness services, like massage therapy in Bend.

You may notice that you need to visit more frequently if you neglect the stretches, exercises, and other tips from your chiropractor. It is all about listening to your body and working with your chiropractor in Bend to build the most beneficial regimen for you.

Signs You Should Book an Additional Chiropractic Session

It’s always best to visit the chiropractor before the pain begins. If you wait until you are already in pain, your joints and spine are likely significantly out of alignment, and you will need more visits to reach your baseline. As you become familiar with how your body moves and feels after your adjustments, you’ll be able to increase or decrease your frequency as needed. You may also choose to substitute services with a massage therapist or acupuncturist in Bend.

Certain signs may call for a visit earlier than your next scheduled appointment:

  • Loss of flexibility
  • Recurrent headaches
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Tingling in the arms and feet, which could indicate a pinched nerve
  • Recent accidents or injuries
  • Uneven wear on shoes

If you are not noticing positive changes after consistent treatment, tell the best chiropractor in Bend. They will schedule x-rays or refer you to a specialist for appropriate treatment. While you may experience slight discomfort after certain adjustments, you should not be in more pain than when you began. If this is the case, contact your chiropractor immediately.

Chiropractic care is like any healthy lifestyle change—when you remain consistent, you will see positive, long-term changes. At Total Body Chiropractic, Massage, & Acupuncture, we help you build a beneficial plan that works for your body and budget. Schedule your appointment today to start your journey and receive your customized care plan.