Whiplash is a neck injury most commonly experienced after a car accident, but it can also result from other trauma such as sports injuries or physical abuse. Whatever the cause of a whiplash injury, a forceful, rapid motion of the head back and forth can stretch and tear the muscles and tendons in the neck. This is the painful and sometimes chronic condition of whiplash. Symptoms can arise immediately or later in the days following the accident or injury.

People with whiplash often experience neck pain, restricted range of motion, numbness in the arms or hands, headaches and dizziness. In order to prevent permanent damage, it is very important to get whiplash injury treatment and neck pain relief soon after your whiplash incident.

Every case of whiplash is different and it is difficult to generalize treatments. But often, Bend whiplash injury treatment and neck pain relief includes chiropractic manipulation, muscle relaxation and gentle exercises. We’ll also help you come up with a plan for safely attending to your daily routine (walking, bathing, driving, sitting at a desk, working on a computer, etc.).

Total Body Chiropractic in Bend, Oregon specializes in non-invasive, drug-free whiplash injury treatment and neck pain relief. If you’ve been in a car accident or other incident that forced your neck back and forth, schedule an appointment with your Bend chiropractor as soon as possible. Let us help you make sure your neck is safe and avoid chronic neck pain complications.