Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon connects the back of your calf muscle to your heel. It’s this important piece of tissue that pushes your foot off the ground every time you take a step. When overused, the Achilles tendon can become inflamed and irritated. This is a painful condition called Achilles Tendonitis.

If you are a runner or endurance athlete, you have likely suffered from Achilles Tendonitis at some point in your training. Non-athletes are also susceptible as the Achilles tendon is used during most types physical activity. Symptoms include muscle pain and stiffness in the lower leg that’s exacerbated by running, jumping, exercise or prolonged standing.

No matter the cause or your level of physical activity, Achilles Tendonitis can be long-term and difficult to treat. The good news is that chiropractic care and the Graston Technique can be very effective at treating your Achilles Tendonitis and in many cases can eliminate the condition quickly and permanently.

Your Bend chiropractor will use different types of interventions to break up the scar tissue in and around the heel and lower leg. Our techniques will help restore normal function to the joints in the foot and ankle, thus relieving stress on your Achilles tendon and lower leg. Many patients feel relief from Achilles Tendonitis after just one chiropractic treatment.

Total Body Chiropractic in Bend, Oregon specializes in chiropractic care for runners and endurance athletes, but we can help anyone experiencing the painful effects of Achilles Tendonitis. Let us take a look at your situation and put together a plan for healing your tendonitis permanently. Then you can get back to the sports and life you love.